A Brief History

The Marty Leonard Community Chapel was constructed on grounds of Lena Pope beginning in the spring of 1989. The chapel was built to serve the youth and families of Lena Pope, in hopes of offering an uplifting environment. The Marty Leonard Community Chapel also provides an ideal setting for weddings, renewals of vows, church services, and other life affirming ceremonies.

The construction of the Marty Leonard Community Chapel was heavily influenced by the actions of its namesake. Marty Leonard has been a leading advocate and loyal supporter of Lena Pope for numerous years. Marty’s parents played an integral role during the early stages of Lena Pope’s development, and Marty continues that legacy today. Among her many contributions, she has been a consistent member of the Executive Committee, has twice served as President of the Board, and has been a leader in building projects, program services, long-range planning and fundraising and development for the Home.

In gratitude for her instrumental efforts, Marty’s friends and family surprised her on her 50th birthday with the rendering of the chapel and partial funds for its construction. Building a chapel on Lena Pope’s property had been a dream of Marty’s for years. Fundraising for the chapel began in the 1980s, and over 300 donors contributed to realizing her dream.  Commissioning architect E. Fay Jones was a natural choice, and Lena Pope broke ground on the project.

Since opening in 1990, Marty Leonard Community Chapel has been a wonderful addition to the Lena Pope, and is a perfect reflection of the gratitude for Marty Leonard’s many years of service to the organization.