Young Professional Advocates


Young Professional Advocates foster leadership for and advocacy of Lena Pope, helping to educate the community about Lena Pope's purpose and work. YPAs learn about Lena Pope through unique, meaningful events and service projects.

"How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world." ~Anne Frank


Our mission as Young Professional Advocates is to grow future leadership through unity and purpose to support Lena Pope's legacy of creating hope, happiness and success for children and families.


Calendar of Events

As a YPA you will receive an invitation for you and a guest to all YPA functions and activities. You will also receive special YPA pricing for entry to Lena Pope events. Click here to see our calendar.

2016 - 2017 Officers

  • Chair: Tony Prenger
  • Vice Chair: Stephanie Bunn
  • Rock the Fort Co-Chairs: Nestor Martinez & Nicole Ellis
  • Communications Chair: Andrea Duffie
  • Stewardship Chair: Pamela Gilchrist
  • Education and Events Chair: Sarah Walton
  • Pen Pals Chair: Callie Keyser
  • Service Chair: Lauren Quiroz
  • At-Large: Robin Greenhaw, Sonya Cisneros, and Corey Scott


Get Involved!

Why should I become a YPA?

  1. You want to serve. The Lena Pope YPAs help enrich the lives of our students and families at both Chapel Hill Academy (CHA) and the Lena Pope Early Learning Center (ELC) through various volunteer activities.  You can make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve through your time and talents.
  2. You want to give. YPAs are encouraged to participate in a monthly giving program that helps support various programs at Chapel Hill Academy and the Early Learning Center.  Your donations help Fund our Mission and support programs like Summer Camp – a math and science focused camp aimed at reducing academic loss for our students during the summer months.
  3. You want to lead. YPAs have opportunities to lead through participation on the Steering Committee and/or Rock the Fort Committee.  Our Steering Committee develops and plans programs for our YPAs throughout the year.  The Rock the Fort Committee plans our signature YPA event – one of four main Lena Pope fundraisers. We also believe in developing future leaders for Lena Pope and for our community. YPAs have transitioned into leadership positions on the Lena Pope Board of Directors and other community boards.

What can I do as a YPA?

  1. Volunteer Events & Programs –YPAs participate in several volunteer opportunities throughout the year supporting Chapel Hill Academy and the Early Learning Center. Volunteer events include helping lead math and science related games at CHA’s Math and Science Night; volunteering at Lena Pope events - Fiesta de Oro, Rock the Fort, or the Lena Pope Golf Classic; volunteering at our Family Picnic for our Early Learning Center Parents; and mentoring our students in our Math Buddies, Reading Buddies, or other after school programs at CHA.
  2. Expand Your Network – Lena Pope YPAs host a number of social events throughout the year at venues that support Lena Pope while giving YPAs a chance to meet others who share our commitment to our community while creating lasting friendships.
  3. Make an Impact – Whether you act as a Pen Pal to a 4th grade student at CHA, give monthly to support our programs, or hope to help lead the future of Lena Pope, you are making a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve.

How can I become a YPA?

We are always looking for new YPAs! Join us at an upcoming event, or reach out to one of our Steering Committee Members to learn more about Lena Pope and how you can get involved.

We encourage YPAs to participate in our monthly YPA giving program.  YPAs can set up a recurring gift of $10 per month, or make an annual gift of $120 to support YPA programs for the entire year. Your gifts help fund our various YPA events and volunteer projects throughout the year.  Your time, talents, and dollars can change the course of a child’s life.


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Questions about YPA? Contact Keegan Hand at or 817-255-2616


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