Lisa's Story

Sometimes hope doesn’t look like hope at first. Lisa encountered this difficult lesson during her sessions with Lena Pope Counseling Services. Attending with her husband, Lisa was doing everything she could to keep her crumbling marriage from falling apart while her husband continued to physically and verbally abuse her.

Then one day, Lisa stopped blaming herself for her marriage trouble and realized that her hope and happiness began when she had the courage to stand up and claim them for herself. Lisa found the courage to tell her husband that she would not stand for his abuse another day, and divorced him.

While Lisa has entered into another challenging process, the hope that Lena Pope’s counseling services offered her has given Lisa the strength to move forward with her head held high. She found a job that was a better fit for herself, began pursuing her hobbies again, and now enters relationships with her own expectations rather than compromises.

These are all huge steps for a woman who initially thought she was the problem. With the help of Lena Pope Counseling Services, Lisa now knows that she is the solution.