Cara's Story

Often we are the weakest when we believe that we are invincible. Cara was a sophomore in high school, making As in all of her classes, working a job, and enjoying the company of many friends. She thought her addiction to marijuana was “no big deal,” as long as she continued to be successful in school and in her personal life.

Though her parents fought to show Cara the negative effects of marijuana, Cara didn’t acknowledge the truth of those consequences until she experienced them. Charged with possession at the age of 17, Cara was tried in the adult court system. In the midst of her apathy, she had also become pregnant.

But thanks to our Juvenile Drug Court Program, Cara was able to quit smoking marijuana and fix her legal issues in a way that taught her the consequences without enduring a more serious punishment.

Cara lost a lot of fake friends and false illusions when she decided to stop doing drugs and get her life back together. But Cara knows there are better friends and a better future for her, and she cannot wait to instill that hope in her baby.