Dylan to the Office

Dylan found himself in the front office of Chapel Hill Academy almost as much as he found himself in class. All kids need attention, but some seek it out in all the wrong ways.

Multiple times a week Dylan would get in enough trouble to be sent to the office. Very soon, one of our administrators noticed that Dylan was in desperate need of attention.

Instead of attracting a lot of negative attention, our administrator wanted to give Dylan positive attention. Dylan was picked up each week by a mentor from a local nonprofit organization, who worked with CHA to find opportunities to highlight Dylan’s positive qualities.

Learning more about Dylan from his mentor gave our administrator an insight into the things that Dylan loved, such as hip-hop and art. On days when Dylan’s mentor did not come by, Dylan was plugged into CHA’s afterschool programs for art and hip-hop dancing.

Dylan realized that he was getting more and more attention, but in a way that did not end with him in trouble. Over time, Dylan’s office referrals shrank from several a week to none at all.

But not to miss out on his visits with our administrator, Dylan brings his behavior chart to the office each week to show off all of his good behavior. This will always be a trip to the office Chapel Hill Academy happily welcomes.