Brenda's Story

Imagine being a working high school student who is limited to job options that are located on a bus route. Your family of four shares one vehicle, so you require public transportation services. The bus only runs 1 hour before or 10 mins after your shift begins. And it stops several blocks away. The schedule requires you to wake up an extra 2 hours early just to make it to work on time. Most days you wind up losing a significant part of your day waiting at the bus stop with fingers-crossed, hoping that the mass transit system is running on schedule.

Success-Story_Brenda.jpgFor Brenda this daily grind was the reality of attending high school and going to work. Despite the challenges, she focused on maintaining a high GPA in her AP courses. Brenda hoped good grades would get her into the college of her dreams. And they did. She was accepted to 7 universities and received several academic scholarships.

Yet there was still a nagging concern. How would she get to campus? Both Brenda's parents work multiple jobs to make ends meet. They saved money for a car and the balance of her tuition, but the family still came up a few thousand dollars short. Getting to school would require multiple busses in opposite directions based on the location of her home, job and school. The complex web of transportation logistics was overwhelming enough that Brenda was ready to give up on the idea of going to college.

She shared these concerns with her therapist at Lena Pope. It was a struggle the therapist had heard from many clients before. As a first-generation college student, Brenda's therapist knew the absence of a car could be detrimental to her academic success and began investigating ways to help with the issue of transportation.

Through a generous donation, Lena Pope acquired a used vehicle. It was exactly the solution Brenda needed. She enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University, where she is studying Psychology. Brenda now dreams of the day when her career will enable her to work in a hospital, because that's where she believes people need the most help.