Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program


The Tarrant County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) provides a unique educational alternative for at-risk youth and their families. The program is administered by Tarrant County Juvenile Services, who contracts with Lena Pope to provide behavior intervention for students. In this program, Lena Pope works collaboratively with Tarrant County Juvenile Services, Fort Worth Independent School District, and Santa Fe Youth Services.

The students enrolled in JJAEP may come from any school district in Tarrant County, and are between the ages of 10 and 18. It is Lena Pope’s role to provide a positive academic environment, where the students may excel and build fundamental skills to be successful when they return to their home campuses.  JJAEP’s objectives include:

  • Offering a curriculum aimed at promoting grade level academic performance and preparing the students for required state testing 
  • Improving and developing positive classroom behaviors that promote academic success
  • Improving attendance and reducing student dropout rates
  • Working to address needs of students and families that impact school performance

Ultimately, JJAEP promotes self-sufficiency and self-discipline as a healthy alternative to academic misconduct and criminal activity.

JJAEP seeks to involve the youth’s family during the education and treatment process, which upholds Lena Pope’s ideals of strengthening families in the community. Although the JJAEP program receives its students by referral, Lena Pope offers many resources to strengthen any family in these areas. For more information, click here.