Family Support


Family Support is a Tarrant County Juvenile Probation program that helps youth who are returning from a residential placement facility (such as mandatory residential mental health or substance abuse treatment or a correctional facility). Tarrant County Juvenile Probation contracts with Lena Pope to provide intensive home-based services to help the family prepare for the youth’s return and to create a stable home environment. The program’s goal is to help youth have a smooth transition back into their homes and to support the whole family so the youth does not need to return to a facility.

To accomplish this, Lena Pope Therapists:

  • Work with the family prior to the youth being discharged to overcome as many barriers as possible for  a successful transition home
  • Work with the family as a whole after the youth moves back into the home

Lena Pope uses the Functional Family Therapy model to help these youth and their families. Functional Family Therapy is one of the best research-tested approaches for helping youth and families involved in the criminal justice system. Lena Pope typically provides these services to youth and families for nine to twelve months.

Youth participating in the program are referred to Lena Pope through Tarrant County Juvenile Services. Although this program is by referral, our Counseling program may be able to offer similar services for you and your family. For more information, click here.