School and Community Based Services 


Helping at risk youth find hope and success will always be an important part of what Lena Pope does. Our School and Community Based Services offers multiple programs that provide support, education and behavioral intervention to at risk youth and their families. Services are delivered in the home, in the community, and at schools and help youth and families gain the academic, behavioral, and social skills they need to be successful. Overall, these programs have been very successful. In 2018, 95% of all youth served did not have another criminal offense while in services. A big part of this success is Lena Pope’s dedication to working with each youth’s family and providing additional services to help the family use their strengths to overcome their challenges.

School and Community Based Services works closely with Tarrant County Juvenile Services, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, the City of Fort Worth and other agencies and municipalities in the community to provide these programs. Youth must be referred by the appropriate municipal, county or state agency to be eligible for most services.