Lena Pope Fiscal Year 2016/2017

Lena Pope provides prevention and early intervention services to meet the community's greatest needs. Our 2016/2017 Annual Report highlights some of Lena Pope's outcomes, and this report explores the results in more depth.


Assessment Tool Evaluation for Children 0-4 Years-Old

Lena Pope recently recognized a need to research an assessment tool to better evaluate children served in our Early Learning Center for Kindergarten readiness. Thanks to a Toolbox grant from the North Texas Community Foundation, Lena Pope's staff conducted an evaluation of assessment tools for children in the birth to four-year-old age range. This evaluation included identification of the ideal components to be included in an assessment tool. And, it compared a variety of assessment tools to determine which would best fill the needs of assessing local children for school readiness.

Lena Pope is committed to improving the delivery of quality early learning experiences system-wide in Tarrant County. To that end, this Assessment Matrix is shared with other local agencies to encourage the adoption of a common assessment tool across area agencies in the region.