Lena Pope Fiscal Year 2016/2017

Todd A. Landry
Chief Executive Officer
3200 Sanguinet Street
Fort Worth, TX  76107

Mission Statement: 

Lena Pope’s mission is to help create a future of hope, happiness, and success for children and families. 


Lena Pope carries out our mission by providing programs that fall into four primary service areas:  Chapel Hill Academy charter school, Lena Pope Early Learning Center, School and Community-based services, and Counseling services. These program services provided by Lena Pope Home are on a continuum, ranging from prevention to early intervention and include counseling and/or education in each. The population served by Lena Pope ranges from very young children to adults, covering the complete life span. However, the majority of work is with elementary through high school age children, and their caregivers. The following are the four primary service areas:

Lena Pope Early Learning Center

In the fall of 2012, the Lena Pope Early Learning Center began to offer all day-care and early education to children 2 1/2 to 5 years old. Research says that the earlier a child starts to learn the better. Children who go to quality pre-k programs are more likely to do better in school, form strong relationships and community bonds. The center offers an evidenced-based curriculum led by degreed teachers, with a one teacher to eight child ratio. The fees are competitive and offers tuition assistance for families who qualify.  

Chapel Hill Academy Charter School:

In August 2008, Chapel Hill Academy began providing education and instruction to Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First grade students. One grade was added each year and is now complete serving Pre-K through fifth grade. Chapel Hill Academy is an open enrollment charter school dedicated to preparing children for a successful future. The goal is to provide a stimulating, creative environment that peaks a child’s interest and curiosity and embraces their individual learning style. Chapel Hill Academy gives parents a choice for their child’s education.

Community-based counseling services: 

Includes a wide array of programs that provide counseling, support, assistance, and life skills training to children, youth, adults, and families. Services are designed to provide a continuum of care from early intervention to prevention with the goal of preserving the family. Appointments are available without referral.  Most insurance plans are accepted and fees are based on a sliding scale.

Alternative Education:

Students who have severe academic, social and behavioral problems in traditional classroom settings sometimes just need extra attention in a new environment. Our collaboration with the Tarrant County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program provides the setting and behavior intervention services these youths need to get back on track.


Summary of Fiscal Year 2017:

Characteristics of Children & Families Served by Lena Pope

Number Served – September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017

Clients Served 4,350

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0-5 22%
6-12 27%
13-19 30%
20-29 05%
30-49 15%
50-64 01%
65+ 00%


Female 53%
Male 47%


Caucasian 44%
African American 27%
Hispanic 26%
Other 03%

Socioeconomic Status

Under $20,750 22%
$20,750 to $34,599 58%
$34,600 to $55,349 10%
$55,350 + 10%


Collin 00%
Dallas 01%
Denton 00%
Ellis 00%
Hood 01%
Johnson 02%
Palo Pinto 00%
Parker 01%
Rockwall 00%
Tarrant 95%
Wise 00%