Our History

Conrad Pope, the first-born of Ewell Hicks Pope and Lena Holston Pope, was fascinated with building mansions. In fact, his most beloved possession was the tool set he received one Christmas morning. 

Tragedy struck the Pope family when young Conrad became terminally ill with diphtheria. As he lay dying, Lena Pope asked her son what she would do without him. Taking the hammer out of his tool set, he told her, "I see a big mansion out beyond the blue. You and my Daddy must fill it with children." 

hist2.jpgConrad's last special request was Mrs. Pope's motivation and inspiration to begin her lifelong commitment to helping children. From a heart torn with grief came the strength Lena Pope needed to make her son's vision a reality. With the help of the Martha Sunday School Class of Broadway Baptist Church, she built several homes and eventually a "mansion" on a hill in west Fort Worth, filling them allwith children. 

hist3.jpgLena Pope's devotion to children and commitment to raising good citizens guided her efforts to provide a positive, caring environment for the less fortunate child. Through her many accomplishments on behalf of the Home, she created a proud legacy for our community and for the thousands of children who will always remember her affectionately as "Mom." 

Since 1930, Mrs. Pope set high expectations of the children who sought assistance from the Home. Countless young lives learned a value system and a sense of personal responsibility, thanks to those standards established so long ago. That same value system and those standards have continued to influence the young lives entrusted to us because of the commitment of the Board of Directors and staff of the Home. 

hist4.jpgIt is not enough to equip our youth with an education, job skills and rehabilitation. We must also teach the values of integrity, personal responsibility and fairness. Teaching good citizenship through encouraging community service has enabled us to develop better citizens who understand the value of giving back to their communities. 

hist5.jpgWhile the definition of our programs has changed and the mission of Lena Pope Home,Inc. has taken on many new and diversified tasks, the role of developing young people to their full potential as conscientious citizens has endured through the decades. 

hist6.jpgOur values and principles have prevailed through the years, drawing our community into the mission of the Home. While times have changed dramatically over the past years, one thing remains constant. We will continue to be measured by our most important outcome - the citizenship of our youth.