Because Children
Deserve Every Chance for Success

What's the difference between a child that grows up to be a healthy, independent, contributing member of our community and a child who doesn't?

Safety. Stability. Nurturing.

Positive School Environments. Self-Regulation. Parental Resilience. Economic Opportunities.

Where a child ends up typically has everything to do with where they began. All children and families have risk factors and protective factors. At Lena Pope, we work to help strengthen the protective factors, and ensure the risk factors don't dictate a child's future. We use evidence-based and research tested approaches to increase the skills, resources and support local children and parents need to overcome challenges.

From high-quality early learning to best-in-class education and from the family home to on-site counseling, Lena Pope provides services that improve first and second chances for success. So all children can have a bright future.