Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are a place where your child can thrive and learn through activities that engage their interest in math, literacy, language, science, and arts. Our curricula uses your child’s curiosities to build skills in a fun learning environment. Experienced teachers make every day a day of fun and learning that builds academic knowledge, social skills, and decision making skills that help kids grow and develop. In addition to our indoor classrooms, the Lena Pope Sanguinet Early Learning Center also features a Nature Explore outdoor classroom where our kids can interact with nature as they learn.

We want to impact young children during one of the most crucial times in their lives by providing an exceptional learning environment and ongoing parental support. The Sanguinet Early Learning Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education and both Centers have already enacted the following standards:

  • 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio for preschoolers
  • 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio for toddlers
  • 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio for infants
  • Bachelor’s degree required for teachers
  • Associate’s degree or Child Development Associate (CDA) credential required for aides
  • Research-tested academic and behavioral curricula


We do things that research says work best for early learners.

  • We use HighScope, a research-tested curriculum centered on the individual strengths and interests of your child. Kids learn both academically and socially when their learning is combined with play and imagination.
  • We use Conscious Discipline, which teaches children how to calm themselves, resolve conflict, and show compassion to others.
  • We use our Nature Explore Playground at the Early Learning Center Sanguinet Campus, which offers our kids opportunities to interact with nature resulting in increased attention, social skills, emotional well-being, positive behavior, and math and science skills.

According to the Texas Education Agency, children who attend a high quality pre-k program are better prepared for Kindergarten, have better reading and writing skills, and have better social skills, behavior and conduct in and out of the classroom. At the Lena Pope Early Learning Centers, we are committed to being that quality place for your child.

Dramatic Play

It looks like I'm playing, but I'm developing social skills, emotional skills, independence, oral language, imagination, responsibility, and executive brain function.  I may use these skills as a parent, safety officer, or politician someday. 


It looks like I'm playing, but I'm developing alphabet knowledge, oral language, print knowledge, listening skills, conceptual knowledge, and the desire to read.  Maybe I'll be an author myself someday.


It looks like I'm playing, but I'm developing motor skills, math concepts (number, size, shape, space), oral language, social skills, eye-hand coordination, self-control, and imagination.  I may be an architect or engineer someday.


It looks like I'm playing, but I'm developing problem-solving, small motor skills, attention span, and concepts about size, shape, color, etc. I can use these skills if i become a chef, dentist, engineer, or artist.

Art / Writing

It looks like I'm playing, but I'm developing my creativity, small motor skills, problem-solving, print knowledge, cooperation, independence, and responsibility. I may be a designer, journalist or teacher someday.