Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom

The Lena Pope Sanguinet Early Learning Center features a Nature Explore Outdoor Learning Classroom so that our kids can spend time every day interacting with nature while they learn. Nature Explore classrooms are specially developed based on research to optimize the development of children’s science, math, observation, visual-spatial, language, music, movement, art, and social and emotional skills. The Outdoor Learning Classroom is separated into age-appropriate areas for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Classrooms are designed to be an area for both exploration and for serenity. The Nature Explore classroom greatly enhances both the Center’s:

  • learning curriculum, HighScope, which emphasizes the importance of children learning by exploring and playing;
  • and the Center’s emotional and behavioral curriculum, Conscious Discipline, which helps children learn to calm their minds and emotions and to nurture others.

Research shows that when kids get to regularly interact with nature, their behavior and concentration improves, stress and bullying are reduced, physical coordination and health improves, and children gain a sense of wonder and interest in all areas of learning—especially science and math. Consequently, all kids at the Lena Pope Early Learning Center spend time daily in the Outdoor Learning Classroom and on our outdoor playground.

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