Teaching Through Technology

In keeping with the mission of Lena Pope Home, Chapel Hill Academy is focused on helping students experience Hope, Happiness, and Success. Teachers at CHA strive to fulfill this mission by crafting meaningful and engaging learning experiences for students. Additionally, the administrative team constantly seeks to enhance the educational experience by offering classes that reinforce the core curriculum while educating the whole child. For example, in the 2014/2015 school year, CHA introduced Digital Learning Experiences (DLE). This technology class, which is geared toward fourth and fifth graders, is designed to reinforce and extend the core curriculum through authentic technology-based projects.

Examples of DLE projects include creating eBooks based on writing assignments taught during English/Language Arts, developing Excel spreadsheets to calculate business expenditures while working within the confines of a budget, and creating QR codes that allow DLE projects to be shared beyond the walls of the technology lab and CHA itself. Projects such as these are a result of consistent collaboration between classroom teachers and Mr. Bonaparte, the school’s DLE teacher and technology specialist.

Because of the DLE program and its focus on integrating core curriculum concepts into technology, students are learning that computers and iPads are tools and not toys. They are also participating in meaningful technology applications of knowledge acquired through core content learning experiences.

Developing the whole child and helping each student experience Hope, Happiness, and Success requires that students be offered a variety of ways to connect with the concepts they are taught on a daily basis. The Digital Learning Experience class at CHA is just one example of the school’s focus on making such connections possible.