Gifted & Talented Program

Program Nomination Window

The CHA Gifted & Talented (G/T)Nomination Window is now open. The referral window is March 18-March 29. Parents, Guardians, and Teachers may request screening for the G/T Program for students in grades 1-6.For more information, contact Annah Stark, GT specialist at or (817) 289-6110.

Nomination and testing does NOT guarantee acceptance.

The Gifted and Talented Advanced Academics Program (GTAP) at Chapel Hill Academy provides identified gifted and talented students opportunities for:

  • G/T instruction that is rigorous, relevant, and appropriately challenging and that includes options in the four foundation core subjects, Math, Science, English Language Arts and Reading as well as enrichment subjects and interdisciplinary areas
  • growth in student content knowledge and confidence
  • student skill development in oral communication, inquiry and research processes, and analysis and synthesis
  • preparation for advanced courses in grade 10 and beyond.
  • parent involvement


 GTAP students are provided opportunities to:

  • develop confidence in their abilities to complete an independent research project
  • use their own research to produce an innovative, discipline-based product
  • are stretched to discover what they are capable of doing academically
  • learn to accept challenges in order to perform at a high academic and intellectual level
  • explore an area of interest and passion
  • perform research outside of the traditional curriculum
  • improve communication and presentation skills

GTAP students are enabled to become real thinkers and scholars as they think critically, abstractly, and logically to evaluate to solve a problem. GTAP students synthesize new information and comprehend different points of view. They also learn to communicate effectively and clearly in written and oral forms.

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