First Grade

Welcome To First Grade!

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 Hello CHA families!  We are happy to have the privilege of being your child’s first grade teacher! First grade is a very important time in your child’s life as it sets the tone and lays the foundation for future learning.

The emphasis in first grade is to expand your child's reading and writing skills in all curricular areas, including math, language arts, science and social studies.  Your child will be learning how to work both independently and in small groups. We believe it is important that each child learn to develop self-discipline and good work habits to resolve conflicts peacefully, and to think independently. Our classroom rules, positive recognition, and consequences are all a piece of achieving these social goals for your child.

Your child will be expected to do homework 4 nights out of the week. The homework will be found on the Homework Board found in your child’s Responsibility Binder each week. It will be given on Monday and need to be returned the following Monday. Homework is graded, so it is extremely important to work with your child every night on homework. Each day that the binder is sent home, please send it back the following day. Help your child become responsible for his/her homework, binder, and backpack.

We also believe in strong parent partnerships to ensure your child's academic success.  We welcome your help at home and in the classroom.  If you are interested in being a CHA approved volunteer to assist with small groups or attend field trips, please Ms. Bailiff, our school Social Worker. 

Our conference period is from 12:00-12:50 pm by appointment.

A great way to communicate with us is by email! Click here for the First Grade Staff page.


The First Grade Team


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